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We provide a range of IT services to ensure your business's security and efficiency. Our offerings include backup solutions for both onsite and cloud storage, Microsoft/Office 365 security management, MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) implementation, antivirus/EDR protection against malware and ransomware, comprehensive reporting on patch management and security, and remote support for servers and workstations. Trust us to safeguard your IT infrastructure and provide reliable support for all your needs.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of IT services in Kansas City. These include backup solutions, Microsoft/Office 365 security management, MFA implementation, antivirus/EDR protection, reporting, and secure remote support. Trust us to safeguard your data, enhance security, and provide reliable IT support for your business needs.


We offer comprehensive solutions, including onsite and cloud-based services. 


Enhance and secure your digital environment with our expert security management services.

MFA for
Enhanced Security

Ensure secure access with MFA, providing added protection for network administrators and users.

Advanced Protection

Shield your systems from viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and other threats with our robust Antivirus/EDR protection.

Compliance Reporting 

Gain valuable insights into your IT infrastructure with reporting on patch management, Active Directory security, web applications, and cloud services.

Remote Assist

Streamline troubleshooting and provide secure remote support for servers and workstations with our efficient Remote Support solution.

Business Phone System Provider

Check Out Our VoIP Services With Unite Voice To See How We Can Help Your Business Today!

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